Monday, October 22, 2012

A Monday morning wakeup call!

Dear lovelies....
It's a dismal Monday here in Naperville and if you're anything like me and respond to grey weather by wanting to jump right back into bed and hide until the sun comes up, I have a simple message for you today.  GET UP GET UP GET UP!
It's easy to feel lazy and BLAH when the rain is coming down in sheets and the sun is still sleeping, but you and I, well we've got much to do today!  We've got dreams to nurture, places to go, adventures to have and so much more just waiting around the corner....'s a rainy Monday, so it's not a good hair day....that just means you get to work a little harder than usual to be the girl who spreads a bit of sunshine wherever she goes!  So slather on that lipgloss, throw those shoulders back and get OUT there!
You just never know what sort of amazing things are waiting around the corner!  The day may be a bit flawed, but that doesn't make it any less potentially fabulous!!!
Wishing you a chocolate covered bliss filled sort of day!


  1. I'm a freelance journalist for the Beacon News. I do the Blog Log each week, where we feature a blog in the Fox Valley area and the writer of the blog. Your blog caught my attention and I think it would be a great fit for the newspaper. If you're interested, I'd like to send you some questions that you can answer at your earliest convenience.

  2. Good morning Joy....
    I have three words for you....yes....yes...yes....thank you so much!!!! I am hovering above cloud nine. I sent an email to you at the gmail address you gave me and can't wait to hear from you...
    Thank you so much!!!!
    Have a bliss filled day