Monday, October 8, 2012

How did that happen??

Oh….okay, I get it!
 So you plan and plan for a new launch that couldn’t possibly BE any more exciting and then suddenly, out of nowhere BAM….the dog becomes unbelievably and potentially terminally ill and a wisdom tooth that has been minding it’s own business decided to explode into a pain the likes of which I have never known!!  This is NOT how I envisioned October kicking off!!  Wisdom tooth pulled leads to a massive infection and more pain than I will probably and hopefully never know again… Poor little dog Max winds up having major surgery and spending over two weeks in and out of the hospital….he’s home now, but still not responding and we are beginning to fear the worst.  Really?  Is this some sort of a test, or maybe a cruel joke?
How does this happen?  More importantly, WHY does this happen?  In a nutshell, that’s life.  Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a gigantic curve ball comes headed towards you at lightning speed and you wind up flat on your back wishing you could cut your own head off.    All that momentum you were building and building is suddenly laying on the side of the highway like road kill and frankly, it sucks.
The good news is, nothing is permanent…and as the old saying goes, this too shall pass….and don’t I know it!  Thankfully a whole lot of medications have me back to looking and feeling like myself again and Max actually ate a few tiny piece of chicken this morning.  Are things beginning to get back to normal?  Maybe….and then maybe not, but I’ll take what I can get, I will put on my big girl pants, and do whatever I need to do to get that momentum back again.  Perhaps in some sort of twisted way the Universe knew better than I did that I wasn’t ready for my launch??  I do have enough faith to know that things do happen for a reason.  Had I never gotten that toothache and had the tooth pulled I would have never known about the infection floating around my body and heaven only knows what could have lead to.  So, at the end of the day, I choose to just be thankful that it’s behind me, the sun is shining and a brand new week is finally here!
Laying on the couch unable to eat for almost an entire week did have an upside…I have dropped six pounds, so there is always that….always something to be thankful for, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to find it.
Wishing you a day of sunshine and the intentional ability to find the silver lining in spite of it all!  If the day throws you a curve ball, you can choose to let it hit you right between the eyes and knock you down, OR you can wind up that arm, stand firm and throw that baby right back!  The choice is always yours!!  Choose wisely!
Happy day to you!!!

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