Monday, October 15, 2012

Houston we have Lift-Off!!

It's a gorgeous Monday in the neighborhood....the perfect day to push just one tiny button and launch Flawed is the New Fabulous, the offiicial website right into the abyss!!!  Yep, I did it, the site is live and my stomach feels as if a million little butterflies are alll trying to get out.

The irony is that there is nothing to be nervous about today because only my family even knows this exists until later this week...but still....there is the fact that in a matter of a couple days I will be taking this slogan to the top of every mountain...okay, well maybe not mountains, but at least the end of my driveway....  There is the knowing that I worked on this months, let it marinate, doubted the whole thing, celebrated the concept, tried talking myself out of it and then finally said, "to heck with it, this needs to be shared, this MUST be shared."

Something happens when you finally figure out what your IT is, and you just know you've found IT....You search and and you claw, you dig, you pray for answers, you turn over every rock and then when you least expect it....YOUR IT shows up with it's own little top hat and marching band ready to be seen....  IT feels right, IT feels like you found your missing piece of the puzzle and no matter how many times that little voice tries to talk you out of it, you can't help but KNOW that this is YOUR "IT!!!"

Have you found your IT yet?  Maybe you did but some nasty little voice (I call her NOna, but more on her later) tried to talk you out of it.  Perhaps you don't think the timing is right, or the circumstances perfect enough for putting your IT out there and making it real.  I have news for you, there is no perfect time.  There is only now, this moment, and you, a girl with a dream who desperately wants to make it a reality.!

Whatever it is that has been following you around, tugging at your pant leg and telling you it wants to come out and the door and let it out.  Maybe you don't need to jump, maybe you could just take one tiny little baby step....  As long as you are moving forward in the direction of a dream, then you can't go wrong, you will NOT go wrong!

Today is the day.  Write it down so the Universe can acknowledge IT.  Scribble your IT in BIG COLORFUL don't even need to tell a soul about it just yet, but at least put it somewhere that you can't help but seeing it.  Create a fake business card, a dummy website, even one product that moves you just a little bit closer to making it real.

I'm a girl just like you....and if I can do this, then heck yes, so can you!!  When you're ready I hope you will send me a little note and let me know that you've made it real so I can be there to celebrate right along with you.  Whatever your IT might be, if it means that much to you then it deserves to be shared!!  Somehow I just know you'll find a way!

Today is your day....and as the new saying goes, don't worry about it being perfect because after all,

Sending big hugs your way!
Don't forget to visit the website and help me get the word out....

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